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A leaky roof, as we all know, can become a disaster. Unfortunately, this problem is all too common in Florida.  Left untended, even a minor leak can have catastrophic consequences, causing significant interior and even structural damage.  It’s a problem endemic to regions with dramatic weather seasons, such as Ponte Vedra, Florida. But you don’t worry about it as long as you have Ponte Vedra Beach Roofing Contractor by your side.


In 2020, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration count revealed that it was a record year for tropical cyclones (7) and severe storms (13) in the US, causing over $95 billion of damage.  In 2017 Hurricane Irma devastated communities and left behind a repair bill of $123 billion.  There were 79 severe storms in the state of Florida between 2000 and 2017 that caused many roof storm damage.  It’s clearly not a problem going away any time soon.


Even everyday heavy rain, strong winds and hail can cause significant property damage.  Florida’s humid climate can also have unpleasant biological consequences, including the growth of mildew or brown/green mold on roofs.  Damaging your home’s structural integrity, unsightly mold can even cause health problems.  Mold spores can exacerbate allergies and worsen kids’ asthma symptoms. 

RoofCrafters: Roof Repairs Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Roofing made Easy

Thankfully, there is usually a fix for all varieties of roof damage, whether its mold build-up, roof leaks, or structural issues.  At RoofCrafters, we have the skills and knowledge to service your roofing needs, from inspection and estimates all the way to emergency repairs.  For timely, efficient roof repair in Ponte Vedra Beach, just call +1 (877) 676-6373.


Whether your home has a metal roof, a flat roof or sloped roof, RoofCrafters have the expertise and experience to repair your Ponte Vedra roof for a very competitive rate.

Call Us for a Complementary Consultation

Our service begins with a complementary consultation and inspection.  You won’t pay anything unless you accept our quotation.  Why not give us a call on +1 (877) 676-6373 and let’s take it from there.

All the Way from Inspection to Delivery

Each client gets our thorough service:


  • Phone consultation – we’ll clarify a few questions
  • Inspection and damage assessment
  • Consultation: materials and methods
  • Estimates – cost and time
  • Timely repair by professional and qualified crew
  • All materials sourced and delivered
  • Final inspection and tidy-up


Experienced, Certified and Professional

Our 28 years’ experience at RoofCrafters means we provide a fully professional service.  We appreciate that major structural work is often disruptive.  We’ll ensure your building is weatherproof and secure as soon as possible, giving you with peace of mind. 


RoofCrafters is the most professional and thorough roofing company in Ponte Vedra.  We’ll provide a fully certified crew that is trained to the most exacting standards.

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Using the Latest Roofing Styles and Technology

At RoofCrafters, your Ponte Vedra Beach Roofing Contractor, we know all the latest technologies and trends.  We’ll source everything your repair requires, whether your house is roofed in shingles, tiles, or metal, raked or flat.  Whatever the job, we guarantee we’ve seen it, fixed it, or replaced it.


RoofCrafters can match your color schemes and materials to produce a tasteful finish.  When visitors or buyer first encounter your home, they’ll often notice a well-maintained roof; it can leave a lasting impression.  We’ll take you through our catalogue of materials and styles, giving you maximum choice.


Ponte Vedra Roof Replacement

Sometimes you’ll need more than a simple roof repair.  Whether addressing serious structural damage, restoring a historic property, or upgrading a home, you may have to replace the roof completely.  Although it may appear a daunting task at first, at RoofCrafters, we view replacement as a standard procedure.  It is also one that will significantly enhance the beauty and value of your home.


Here are some tell-tale signs that your roof may require a full roof replacement:

  • Leaks, spotting or stains on interior walls or ceilings
  • Missing, warped or ill-fitting shingles or tiles
  • Mold build-up or dark blotches.
  • Splitting of wooden shingles
  • Attic rafters which are stained or spotted

Always check whether the warranty on your current roof has expired.  Damage caused by leaks in an excessively old roof may not be covered by your existing home insurance policy. 


At Roof Crafter, we know exactly what questions to ask.  All our inspectors are highly skilled at spotting hidden damage and identifying risk areas.  We’ll find those hard-to-reach places where early-stage leaks or structural damage occurs, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Skylights Add Style and Value

Have you thought about adding a skylight to your newly installed roof?  By providing extra light and ventilation, you can turn that attic space into a profitable and practical extra room. 


As well as renewing an underused space, skylights increase the resale value of your home.  Check out our catalogue of attractive skylights, all of which are economical and easy to operate.  Just give RoofCrafters a call for a free consultation.

Reduce your Energy Bills

A well-insulated roof cuts heat loss significantly.  A recent report from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) showed that heating and air-con makes up more than 50% of US homeowners’ power bills.  An improperly insulated or drafty roof can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency. 


By fixing this problem, you’ll use less heating, even in fall or winter.  You’ll receive reduced electricity bills.  It is great for the environment too, minimizing your home’s carbon footprint.

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As one of the most experienced Roofer in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. RoofCrafters know the consequences of leaky, blocked, or broken gutters.  This issue is one of the most frequent we encounter.  Fortunately, guttering problems can be simple to diagnose and fix.  At your request, we’ll provide a highly competitive estimate.   


Good guttering assures the integrity and finish of your roof and walls.  Gutters also prevent groundwater flooding from ill-placed rain run-off.

Ponte Vedra and Beyond

RoofCrafters work across the state of Florida, including Ponte Vedra, to improve homes, perform roof repairs and make urgent roof replacements.  Don’t just take our word for it, however.  Look through our client testimonials and see what some of our happy customers are saying.

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