Have a leaking roof? Many things can cause this: Storm/hail damage, tree damage, or even damage by animals trying to get in through the roof. Depending on the age of your roof, loose worn out shingles and cracked or sun damaged shingles could be the culprit as well. About 85% of rook leaks are caused by improper installation or by defective metal flashing. It’s rare to find that the actual roofing product failed. These faulty areas are normally found near any roof penetration area such as chimney areas, step, apron and valley areas, or anywhere where the roof angles join together. During our free inspection, RoofCrafters will look for any roof damage that could lead to future problems. If the leaks are not addressed, the structure of your home may be weakened as the building frame continues to be exposed to dampness.

Roofs, gutters, flashings, and skylights are the components that receive the most damage during a storm. Conditions such as roof pitch, the direction of the wind, age, and temperature of the roofing material all play into effect when it comes to roof damage after a storm. It’s important to have a trained professional who can spot these problems very easily. Call today or fill out the form below to schedule your free roof inspection.

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