Roof Storm Damage

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For those of you with roof storm damage, we understand just how frustrating it can be. Whether you lose an entire part of your roof that causes your home to flood, or just have minor storm damage, no one wants to have to deal with it. Finding a great contractor, getting enough money from your insurance company and securing your home until the repairs can be made.

Roof Storm Damage

What is Roof Storm Damage?

As the name implies, roof storm damage occurs due to a storm. The following types of damage fall under this category:

  • Wind damage.
  • Water damage from the heavy rain
  • Hail damage.
  • Tree damage

These are the most common things that cause roof storm damage. Regardless of the cause, storm damage can be a pain to deal with since most of the time it requires working with your homeowners insurance company.

Roof Storm Damage

How Much Does it Cost?


Depending on the extent of the damage, you might be looking at either minor roof repairs or a complete roof replacement.


The good news is that roof storm damage is typically covered by homeowner’s insurance, as long as you comply with the following terms:


  • Never cheap out on roofing: Whether it’s for repairs or installation, treating your roof like a DIY project or opting for an inexpensive roofer. Insurance doesn’t cover damage caused by improper roof installation.
  • Conduct maintenance: At least have a roofer inspect your roof bi-annually to diagnose potential or what we call the most common problems that causes roof leaks if not maintained and then also conduct repairs on time. Negligence can void your insurance claim, so ensure that you conduct frequent visual inspections of your own and call a roofer as needed to get the maintenance work completed.
  • Be proactive: Call your roofer up for an inspection after any severe storms or id you see potential roof damage. Even if the damage isn’t visible, your roof’s structural integrity could have been affected.
  • Replace your roof: Every roof has a limited lifespan, after which it starts developing problems. Insurance offers no or limited coverage for roofs older than 15- 20 years, so ensure that you replace your roof on time to avoid not being protected.

Repair and replacement costs vary widely depending on your roofers experience or skillset, type of roof materials and the level of workmanship warranty that you will be provided.

Roofing Fact: 86% of roof leaks are caused by improper installation.

Investing in a great roofer helps you to keep down the overall or long-term costs on your roofing system.

Things to Do After Roof Storm Damage


The first thing to do is ensure that everyone in the building or home is safe and then remove your belongings from under the damaged area. Next, call up your preferred roofing company and have them come out to do an onsite inspection and take photos of the damages.


Next, if the damages are severe and will definitely exceed your deductible then call your homeowners insurance carrier and report the damage so they can start the claims process.


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Here at RoofCrafters we assist you in this entire process from start to finish. We meet the insurance company’s adjuster onsite, we go over all the damages with the adjuster on your behalf, making sure they do not leave anything out that would cost you money later. We also make sure the insurance company pays you the right amount of money to make all the repairs needed to get your home back in pre-storm condition. What we have found is that over 85% of insurance claims are underfunded, meaning they do not pay out enough to perform all the work that is required to make the repairs per the local and state building codes. This is against the law, so we fight for you to ensure that this will not happen, we guarantee this won’t happen, our job is to make sure your property can be put back together the right way.


The worst thing that can happen is for your insurance company to give you a check for the storm damages and you start calling contractors to get the work done for that amount they provided. we don’t operate that way. We make sure to get enough money from the insurance company to  get the storm damage fixed and up to all the new building codes.

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