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Despite being highly durable, roofs require timely maintenance because they are exposed to fluctuating weather and are prone to erosion by strong winds and rain. Eventually, you have to replace the roof of your building, whether it’s residential or commercial. Steep roofs are an excellent option especially for regions that experience rainy and snowy conditions.

Whether you have an old building that needs roof maintenance or replacement, or if you need a roof for a newly constructed home, RoofCrafters has your back! If you’re looking for a steep roof, read on and find out whether if it is the right one for you!

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What are Steep Roofs?

Steep roofs or pitched roofs add a vintage aesthetic due to their design and the range of options available. These roofs are known for their incredible weather protection and customizability over low-slope roofing options. Here are some of the advantages of investing in a steep roof:

Weather Protection

Due to their tapering design, steep roofs are excellent for commercial use since they are resistant to rain and snow. The roof is inclined to allow snow and rainwater to slide off instead, which prevents water damage caused by pools of water forming on the roof.

Pooled water is catastrophic for your building’s structure and leads to expensive repair costs if not addressed immediately: a worry you’ll never have with a pitched roof. You can also reuse the rainwater by channeling it to a reservoir through the roof’s gutters.

The shingles on steep roofs are aligned to make them naturally waterproof and prevent water from seeping into your building.

Multiple Options

If you are looking for a roof that boosts your building’s curb appeal, then a steep roof is the best choice for you. With multiple options and colors available, a pitched roof is highly customizable and offers several material options that possess unique properties.

Some of the options available include:

  • Asphalt Shingles: These come in several different colors and offer high resistance against natural elements.

  • Metal: The perfect long-term investment that outlasts most roofing materials and offers superior safety in all conditions.

  • Wood: One of the most beautiful and environmentally-friendly materials, wood roofs offer excellent protection while making your business stand out.

  • Slate: Easy to repair and resistant to fires, slate roofs keep you and your building safe.

  • Tile: With their superior weather resistance and low maintenance, tile roofs last more than a lifetime.

Lesser Hassle

Contrary to flat roofs, steep roofs do not allow debris to settle on their surface, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them up. The steep angle slides away any dirt or larger objects that settle on a pitched roof.

Increased Storage

If you own and operate a business that requires storing items, you might not have to pay for a warehouse! A pitched roof offers more space in the form of an attic.


While the durability of each material used varies, steep roofs generally last longer since water these roofs do not allow debris, snow, and water to settle.

Always contact a trained professional for installing and maintaining your roof.

Low Cost

Pitched roofs do not need a lot of repairs, so you save on repair costs by investing in one. In addition to this, the materials used in these roofs are highly reflective and prevent heat exchange between your building and the outdoor air, so your HVAC system does not need to work as hard.

Since snow does not settle on steep roofs, it also allows your building to stay warmer, helping you save on extra heating costs.


For anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint, steep roofs are an excellent investment. These roofs are made with recyclable materials that are reengineered to provide exceptional performance.

Are Steep Roofs Good for Commercial Roofing?

The type of roof that suits you depends on what your business is like. If you have a rooftop café, then investing in a flat roof might be more practical for you. While steep roofs are excellent options, we offer other types of commercial roofing options that might cater to your needs better.

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