Residential Tile Roofs

A dynamic range of residential roof types to protect your home, roofing investment, and family

A roof is probably the most integral part of any building structure that protects both the inside and outside of your property. And for the same reason, residential roof concerns can plague any homeowner, regardless of the level of maintenance. In fact, even a minor roofing problem can have a serious impact on you, your family, and your roofing investment.


So when it comes to getting a new roof for your South Carolina home, an important thing to consider is which residential roof type will be best for your property. While the primary function of all roofing material is the same, there are some unique differences between the different residential roof types that you choose for your property. Therefore, you must weigh the pros against the cons of several other options and, most importantly, get professional advice from the best roofing company in Georgia, South Carolina, or Florida.


If you are looking for a quality roofing material, tile roofing is probably just the right option for you. Our professional roofing experts at RoofCrafters are the roofing specialists to trust with all of your tile roofing installation, repair, and maintenance needs.

Why Choose Residential Tile Roofing?

Residential tile roofing enhances the aesthetics for homes with a southwestern or Spanish look. Here’s why you should consider tile roofing:

Beautiful and Enduring

Tile roofing is distinctive, beautiful, and sustainable, which makes it the roofing material of choice for residential properties. The rustic and classic look it offers to a property has been highly valued for a very long time. And now, with the addition of a wide variety of shapes, profiles and colors for endless decorative possibilities, tiles have remained a classic roofing option.


It is not just the beauty and endurance that tiles have to offer; in fact it has much more benefits for your roofing system. Tile roofs are incredibly resistant to fire, ice, water, wind and insect damage, which allows them to last for centuries, let alone decades. Believe it or not, when you invest in a professionally installed tile roof, it will probably be the last roof you will ever need to buy, which also boosts the resale value of your property.

Energy Cost Savings

Tile roofing is also energy-efficient in virtually every climate and geographic area. This is because it provides exceptional thermal properties, reducing both heat loss or gain. IT also offers natural air ventilation under the tiles, creating a heat transfer barrier to keep your house cool in the summer heat and warm in chilling winters. Due to this factor, you are able to save on your energy bills a great deal.


At RoofCrafters, we offer tiles in a wide array of colors, from light shades to dark, along with beautiful designs, making it easier for you to find just the right colors to go with your exterior. Roof tiles also come in a full range of profiles and designs to suit any architectural style that your residential property might have.

Storm Resistance

Tile roofs come with an added layer of protection. Moreover, the tile itself has a tough, water-shedding outer shell, while the underlayment works as extra protection. All of these factors make this option rate high for storm resistance. Concrete and clay tiles can especially resist damage from hailstones.

Quality Tile Roofing for Your Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina Homes

Over time, tile hardens, making it one of the most durable residential roof types for your home. Whether you are building your dream home or simply replacing an old roof that has run its life, tile roofing is one of the best options in either case.


While clay tiles offer remarkable durability, they can also be considerably costly. Regardless of the type of tile roofing you want for your home, know that RoofCrafters uses only the best materials on all roofing jobs. Our professionally installed tile roofs can last over 50 years.


We understand that the roofs here in South Carolina and Florida are subjected to drastic weather changes throughout the year, including wind, hail and ice damage, which can cause a roof to crack or chip. If you suspect that your roof might have taken storm damage or simply needs a repair or replacement, call the professionals at RoofCrafters to restore your roof back to its best condition.

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