How Much Value Does a New Roof Add to My Home?

When it comes to roofs, there are plenty of reasons to replace one.  A leaky roof can do more than put a few spots on your ceiling.  Since it can take weeks or months for a spot to appear after a leak gets started, the water can percolate between walls or soak roof timbers until they begin to rot.  A leak can also cause electrical short circuits or be a source of black mold.  What’s even worse is that water damage caused over months as opposed to that caused in a moment isn’t always covered by your homeowner’s policy.  So, there are many reasons why you should consider having your roof replaced if it’s more than a couple of decades old.  However, there is another reason to think about replacing your roof, especially if you’re looking to sell your home.

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1.      Eye appeal is buy appeal. – While new kitchen appliances and a remodeled bathroom make a property more appealing to home buyers, so does a new roof, especially if your current roof is the worst for wear.  Nothing makes a house look more appealing to prospective buyers than a bright exterior.   That’s why many home sellers slap a fresh coat of paint on their homes just before they put it on the market.  However, if the walls look shiny as a new penny, but the roof looks as dreary as a funeral shroud, that’s a deal killer for many buyers.  And even if the buyers don’t notice that old roof initially, when they have the house inspected prior to the sale, the home inspector is certain to notice and note any deficiencies in the roof system.  It’s far better to bite the bullet before the closing gets quashed when the buyer demands you either replace the roof or reduce your asking price.  Besides, on average the return on investment for a roof is a whopping 68.2%.  This means that instead of reducing the asking price, chances are a house with a brand spanking new roof is going to command a higher price in the first place.  

  1. Collateral Damage – As I pointed out earlier, a leaking roof does more than create cosmetic issues inside your home.  It can cause collateral damage that could cost thousands to repair.  Water damage to ceilings, walls, carpets, cabinets, flooring, and electronics is fairly common if leaks are left to their own devices.  So too is the spawning of black mold which can pose health issues to you, your family, and your pets.  But what most homeowners don’t realize until after the fact is that patching an old worn-out roof doesn’t save a homeowner money.  It actually costs them a lot more when it comes time to finally replace the roof.  That’s when the roofer will discover how much damage, water has done to the wood that’s lies just below the shingles.  Had the homeowner replaced the roof a year or so earlier, the cost to replace roof timber would have been much, much less. 
  2. What does your roof mean to you and yours? – I’m sorry to say that most homeowners don’t give their roof a second thought until it fails.  That’s when companies like RoofCrafters gets a frantic call for help.  After Hurricanes Matthew and Irma rolled through a few years ago, every roofing company had more work than they could handle.  That’s due to the fact that a worn-out roof that’s hanging on by a thread is going to fail the minute a named storm blows through town.  If you drove through Jacksonville after either hurricane, you saw blue tarps covering numerous roofs.  While some of the damage done was caused by falling trees and limbs, all too many were the result of neglect.  As a result, many homes that were damaged by either named storm wouldn’t have been damaged at all had the homeowners replaced their old roofs with new before the storms hit.  The saddest part was due to the high demand for roofers, some of the homes that had their roofs done immediately following either hurricane had them replaced by transient roofing companies that are long gone.  Good luck getting them to honor their warranties if their roofs were to spring a leak. 
  3. How can a new roof increase the enjoyment of your home? – Aside from stopping leaks that can cost you big down the road, redoing your roof gives you a chance to improve your quality of life.  If you feel your home is too dark inside, have you ever considered adding a skylight or two to increase the interior illumination?  Adding skylights to your home is as simple as talking to your roofing representative.  Tired of paying through the nose for sky-high electric bills during the dog days of summer?  Again, your friendly, local roofer can come to the rescue by adding attic fans and helping you choose brighter shingles than those currently on your roof.  Adding ventilation and/or increasing the reflectivity of your home’s shingles can dramatically reduce your home’s cooling needs.

5.      How else can a new roof save you money? – Speaking of reducing your electricity bills, if you’ve ever toyed with adding solar panels to your roof, there’s no better time to consider the possibility of doing so when you’re getting ready to replace your existing roof.  In fact, if you’re considering adding solar panels of any kind to your roof, you should speak to a licensed roofer.  That’s because if you aren’t careful, improperly installed solar cells can negate your roof warranty and even possibly your homeowner’s policy.  That’s right, solar installations need to be done to the manufacturer’s specifications.


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