What is the Average Cost to Tear off and Replace a Roof?

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Have you ever wondered how long a roof lasts? Or maybe found yourself thinking, “What is the average cost to tear off and replace a roof?” If your answer was yes to any of those questions, then we are here to help!


When Should You Replace Your Roof?


There are certain times where a roof repair simply isn’t enough, and you have to consider a replacement. While roof replacements are usually more expensive than repairs, there are some situations where you need to replace the roof to prevent further structural damage and eliminate safety risks.




Like everything else on the planet, your roof also has a limited lifespan. Most roofs have an expected life of around 20 years, and with proper maintenance, you can get a few more years of life from them.


However, roofs face challenging weather conditions throughout their lives and wear out faster than other parts of the house. For this reason, you should replace even a seemingly perfect roof after its expected life.


While some premium materials, such as metal roofs, have a longer lifespan and can last up to a century with proper maintenance, most shingle roofs last 15 – 20 years. Most insurance companies offer no or limited coverage on roofs older than 20 years because they have a greater tendency to break down or leak.




Following a storm or otherwise, if your roof experiences extensive damage, you should contact a roofer to replace it. Often, major damage is more difficult to repair than a replacement, and if multiple layers of the roof are damaged, you can expect widespread issues along the whole roof.


Frequent Repairs


An increased frequency of roof repairs indicates underlying issues in the roof that cannot be fixed. Not only are frequent repairs frustrating to deal with because of the time required, but they also can be a money pit.

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What is a Roof Tear off?


When you decide to get a new roof, your contractor will first conduct a roof tear off. They will go over your roof and remove the shingles section-by-section to prepare for a new roof.


What is the Average Cost to Tear off and Replace a Roof?


The cost of replacing your roof varies depending on the type of roof, the material used, and the coverage area.

Here are the average costs to tear off and replace the roof on 5 of the most popular roof types we install on average size homes. take into consideration if the roof is steep or complex it will increase the average cost and if it is a very easy roof it can be less expensive.


Also the level of our NO LEAK manufacturers workmanship warranty will change the average cost.

  1. 3-tab shingle roof average cost $7,300 – $10,600
  2. Architectural shingle average roof cost $11,200 – $17,100
  3. Upgraded architectural shingle average roof cost $13,100 – $19,000
  4. Standing seam metal roof average roof cost $27,500 – $42,300
  5. Spanish tile roof average roof cost $33,700 – $69,800

Insurance companies may discount your policy after replacing your roof, thereby saving you hundreds of dollars every year. We have seen as much as a 35% savings on insurance premium savings per year.


Does Insurance Cover Roof Replacement?


If the price range for a new roof scares you, then you aren’t alone. What is the average cost to tear off and replace a roof? Well, if you have insurance, then it can be as low as your deductible since most policies cover roof replacements, you are only responsible for the policy deductible if it has damage that qualifies.


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Insurance will only cover replacements for damaged roofs in certain conditions:


  • Accidental damage.
  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Acts of nature.
  • Storms

We’ll discuss each of these points below.


Cases Where Insurance Covers Damages


If your roof is damaged because of an accident, such as heavy objects falling on it and causing extensive damage, then your insurance company will cover it.


Vandalism by a third party is also covered by insurance, as is any roof damage caused by fires. When it comes to acts of nature, the coverage is specific to your insurance policy, so check with your service provider.


Any damage caused during storms is eligible for insurance coverage such as:


  • Impact damage by hail.
  • Roof leaks during storms.
  • Fires caused by lightning.
  • Roof damage from trees.
  • Roofing damaged by wind.

Cases Where Insurance Won’t Cover Damages


Insurance companies have certain terms that you have to comply with to remain eligible for insurance claims. Here are some of the cases where you won’t receive an insurance payout:

  • Age: Don’t expect a payout on a shingle roof that is 15 to 20 years old. Most insurance companies offer limited or no coverage on older roofs. Even if your insurance policy otherwise covers the roof damage, older roofs are often denied due to age.
  • Neglect: You should call a contractor to inspect your roof bi-annually, at least. A roofer can diagnose problems that could save costly repairs or worse having your insurance deny the claim because of maintenance neglect . Diagnosing problems early allows you to save future repair costs.
  • Self-inspections: You should inspect your roof for damage frequently. Conduct visual inspections to ensure that everything is in order, and call a roofer if you see any signs of damage. Always call a roofer after a storm to look for any damage that might not be visible on the roof.
  • Choose the right roofer: Insurance doesn’t cover damages caused by improper installation or faulty repairs. Never treat your roof as a DIY project or try to save money by hiring a cheap roofer for the job. Roofing is a highly specialized field, and most contractors charge according to their experience and skill.
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To summarize, what is the average cost to tear off and replace a roof? It varies depending on several factors. Call us up, let’s see if we are a good fit for each other and if so, we will come out and help you get started!

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