What To Do If Your Roof Is Leaking?

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It is natural to panic when you come across roof leaks because they can be indicative of underlying issues in your building’s structure, which can be dangerous to life and property. Don’t worry; we are here to help you figure out what to do if your roof is leaking.


Causes of Leaks


Roof leaks commonly occur because of several reasons.


  • Water might have pooled because of a storm that eventually damaged the roof, causing it to leak.
  • You might have skipped roof maintenance or conducted repairs yourself.
  • An impact from a tree limb may have damaged your roof.
  • Your roof has reached the end of its life, and you need a new one.
  • The contractor did not install the roof properly.

Regardless of the cause, RoofCrafters is here to help!

Here’s What To Do If Your Roof Is Leaking


Roof leaks commonly occur during a rainstorm, which can be a mess to deal with because the water keeps coming inside your home.


We have put together a 5-step guide to prevent further damage to your property and possessions caused by a leaking roof:


1. Cut Off the Power


If the water is leaking near any conduits and or electricity, cut off the power as soon as you notice a leak to avoid fires, short circuits, and prevent electrocution.

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2. Save Your Possessions


You’re already having a bad day because your roof is leaking. If you want to prevent it from getting worse, move your possessions to another room. This includes:


  • Furniture 
  • Electronics
  • Clothes in case the leak is near your closet.

Remember, water damage can destroy a lot of things and voids most warranties.


3. Collect the Water


The last thing you want is for the water to find its way to unaffected rooms and wreak havoc there. So, what to do If your roof is leaking, use a bucket to collect the water and keep emptying it outside to prevent overflows. When you empty the bucket, make sure to replace it with another one so that your home doesn’t get flooded.


4. Clean Up


Don’t wait before wiping up any water that is inside your house. Take mops and rags to wipe up the water to prevent it from seeping into your floor and damaging your home’s foundation.


5. Call a Professional


Once you have averted the crisis, get on the line and call a reliable roofing contractor. Even if the leak subsides after a while, there is a high probability that it will cause permanent damage to your building or home if you don’t take immediate action.


At RoofCrafters, we provide roofing solutions by showing you all the different material and warranty options that will fit your budget.  We do small and large roof repairs and we can help get you started with your roof repair or new roof as soon as you are ready.

Always contact a reliable contractor who knows what they are doing because any compromises on your roof’s maintenance or installation can be dangerous for your house and your family.


Delaying repairs can worsen things and might warrant an expensive roof replacement instead of repairs. The water can seep into different parts of the roof and cause more leaks or cause it to collapse in extreme situations.


6. Things To Do While Waiting


While you wait for the contractor to fix your roof, you should take preventative measures to prevent further damage.


If you have identified the leak, cover it up with a large plastic sheet and tarp. Ensure that the tarp is significantly larger than the hole in the roof to prevent more water from entering your home.

How To Prevent Roof Leaks


Now that you know how to manage a roof leak, we will go over how you can prevent and diagnose roof leaks prematurely:


1.  Be Proactive, Not Reactive


We have all heard this one before, but being proactive is extremely important to roof maintenance. Set up a maintenance schedule and follow up with frequent visual inspections of your roof.

While it might save you some money to conduct inspections yourself, we do not encourage it. An experienced contractor knows the signs of things that cause common roof leaks and can help you diagnose the problems. By misdiagnosing or missing out on important signs, you will end up spending more money on repairs.

86%  of roof leaks occur due to improper installation. And the average roofing company is only in business for less than 3 years!

2. Always Call a Contractor for Repairs


Roofing is a highly specialized job, and you should never attempt to repair a faulty roof yourself. A contractor saves you money in the long run by conducting repairs effectively.


3. Never Install a Roof Yourself


Some of the most common causes of roof leaks are installation-related. If you hired an inexperienced contractor or installed the roof on your own, then there are chances that your skylight or your roof’s seams might not be properly aligned, causing roof leaks.


4. Pick the Right Roof for Your Needs


It is imperative to choose the roof that suits your needs because choosing the wrong roof leads to high repair costs. Whether you need a commercial or a residential roof, make sure to browse from our selection of roofs.


Factors such as material, the slope of the roof, and your use of it can greatly impact which roof is the right one for you.

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